5 Reasons to go Partying in the Adriatic this Summer

Searching for the “place to be” in the summer of 2017 must have led you to look into Croatia, a buzzing land of over a 1000 islands and 50 shades of the clear blue sea. Swimming, boating, just having fun in the sun is what Croatia does well and you’ll do yourself a favor by looking into what other gems the Adriatic hides. Eat your heart out, Ibiza, this bustling party hub, and a new fun-seekers’ favorite is dubbed “Ibiza of the Balkans” for a reason. If you’re looking for one more reason to add Croatia to your bucket list, here’s five.

Music festivals

A number of music festivals appearing along the Croatian coast during the last decade only confirms that partying is done the right way in the Adriatic. Dancing under the stars alongside pine trees and stunning seaside views is something you don’t find easily in Europe. Check this impressive list of festivals:

Love International, Tisno, near Šibenik.

Sonus Festival, Pag Island

Ultra Europe, Split

Outlook, Pula

Dimensions, Pula

Soundwave, Tisno

Movement, Tisno

Hideout Festival, Pag Island

Barrakud Festival, Zrce

Fresh Island, Novalja, Pag Island

SunceBeat, Tisno

Dekmantel, Tisno

Defected Croatia, Tisno

You can not monopolize hedonism, but you can import your fun mechanisms from where they work. Apply it to the fertile Croatian ground for maximum hedonist success and there you have it – a vibrant festival scene. Interestingly, very few of these festivals are actually run by Croatian organizers. The Brits run a large majority of the festivals we’ve listed here, with the latest edition, Sonus Festival is German, and Barrakud festival is Italian. 

Ultra Festival

Ultra Festival

Breath-taking islands & Adriatic beach clubs

Due to low-cost flights to Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar, it is easy to reach the Adriatic. However, if you stop at the festivals, you’re bound to miss out. The festivals don’t give you all that you can get from party Croatia. Therefore, if you want a little more than just a hangover residue in a mist of mixed memories, we strongly encourage you to explore the islands. The island clubs and beach bars attract crème de la crème crowd of niche party lovers and you’ll get to party in even more scenic and historical venues. Clubs such as Hula Hula and CarpeDiem on Hvar, Fort George on Vis, Papaya on Zrce Beach or Revelin in Dubrovnik boldly defend the club party life in the Adriatic.  Just remember, once in Hvar, do it like a royal! 

Finally, try giving the genuine treasures of the Adriatic a chance; its well-preserved historical ruins and a spirit of ancient times that ooze from the old city walls will impress you in ways you didn’t think is possible. 

Hvar at dusk - when the night owls come out to play!

Hvar at dusk – when the night owls come out to play!

Beaches, crystal blue seas and starry skies 

You may come for the beats, but you’ll stay for the beaches. Beach life in Croatia is strong, and you should seize all its lovely opportunities and party like a thrill-seeker that you are while you still can! Most probably you won’t be able to truly grasp the meaning of hedonistic joy on the beach until you’ve done it properly.
The locals eagerly await May, which is the beginning of beach life in Croatia and many still spend time on beaches until late October if the weather allows them to. Most beaches in Croatia have pebbles and large stones, and there are some sand beaches. The sea quality is well-praised and highly clean, especially on the remote islands. Last but not least, haven’t you heard? As a result, the blue waters of the Adriatic sea cure hangovers fast. All you need to do is dive in and the sea cures it all – even the most stubborn of headaches. Do you see now why beaches are an essential component of your party fueled Croatian holiday? Beach life and party life go hand in hand.

Green Cave Vis Island

Green Cave and the Blue Sea

Flotilla holidays

There’s something extremely alluring in the yacht week concept. A week to travel around some of the most striking places in the world, all the while spending time with your old and new friends, and turn up to wild parties, dance under the stars and swim at astonishing locations. 

Whether you opt for a charter or an agency – is up to you, but be aware that charter sailing requires a bit more experience on your part. Even if you have a sailing license, a sailing charter doesn’t give you an exclusive access to the parties and really cool spots that are excellently frequented during the yacht week Croatia. In conclusion, the flotilla holidays allow you to discover stunning scenery of Brač, Hvar and Vis Islands from the optimal view: a sailing boat. How does a million dollars feel? Try Yacht Week Croatia for starters. 

Yacht Week Croatia

Sailing the Adriatic is exceptionally fun with a bunch of like-minded free spirits!

Private bay parties

First, we make a circle raft, or a long-line raft if the weather allows us. We repurpose our Mothership into a ship with a dancefloor and voila: may the party begin!

Private bay parties is not something every tourist does in Croatia. First of all, you need means to access private bays. You’ll need sailing boats, and enough people on them to make parties really fired up. Private bay parties ensure all the privacy we want, music as loud as we want, as long as we want. We’ll go all out during champagne shower, we’ll be floating on floaties while sipping cocktails and swimming from boat to boat for a quick hello and a shot. This truly unique hedonistic experience is something you need to do at least once in your life. Need help in signing up for one of those majestic experiences?

Find us at info@sailing.hr.

Yacht Week Croatia circle raft party

The circle raft party got cozy in the middle.

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