5 Reasons to Visit Croatia

the nudists in croatia sailing

There are a million reasons why you should visit and explore Croatia. Its epic and diverse landscapes, centuries old architecture and a rich cultural heritage offer plenty of experiences to choose from. To help you choose Croatia as your next travelling destination, we’ve outlined five most compelling reasons to visit.


  1. Natural attractions & popular sights


One of the main reasons you should visit Croatia are definitely natural attractions. Croatia has 8 outstanding national parks and each one of them attracts a lot of curious international travelers. The most famous one is breath-taking Plitvička jezera (Plitvice lakes). Colloquial Plitvice, pronounced [plîtʋitse]), is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Another very popular national park is the Kornati archipelago, famous for its maze-like structure made of 89 tiny islands, earning its title as stone pearls of the Mediterranean.

  1. Food & Wine


The Croatian cuisine is as diverse and unique as its natural regions. From Mediterranean flavours on the coast to Slavic cuisine infused with Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish delicacies in the continental part, every region has different gastronomical traditions, reflecting the country’s culture, history and geography. The Dalmatian cuisine is known for its fish and seafood delicacies or specially prepared meat, called “pasticada”. Croatians love to grill and you’d be wise to enjoy some quality grilled fish and shrimps.

The tradition of grapevine cultivation has existed in Croatia since ancient times and the most known red wines along the coast you should taste are: Plavac, Postup, Teran, Merlot and Cabernet. Famous white wines are: Pinot, Malvazija, Žlahtina and Pošip.




Music festivals in Croatia are attracting several thousands of visitors from all over the world. Among the most popular festivals are Garden festival in Tisno, Sonus Festival and Hideout Festival in island of Pag, Outlook Festival in Pula, and Ultra Music Festival in Split. Ultra Music Festival is the most famous festival that attracts more than 150 000 people daily. Most festival visitors settle for accommodation in rooms and B&B’s, but if you want a truly special experience, sailing is a great way to enjoy the Ultra Music Festival.



Croatia is famous for its 2000 km coastline and over 1,244 islands, clear blue sea and calm winds. Croatia’s rich historical naval heritage started way back in the ancient times, and one of the world’s most famous Croatian sailors is Marco Polo, born and raised on the Croatian island of Korčula. One of the best ways to explore Croatia is certainly sailing. The beautiful Dalmatian coast, sea, sky and unforgettable sunsets paired with friendly and welcoming people is a winning combination for a quality sailing holiday.



Croatia is a country whose rich cultural heritage is revealed within many museums, galleries and churches that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most famous monuments are the magnificent palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split, the largest excavated forum on the eastern shores on the Adriatic and pre-Romanesque Church of St. Domnius in Zadar.