6 Clubs that Will Make You Lose Your Mind this Summer


Hello present and future aficionados of sailing, fancy yachts, life at sea and summer parties!

We don’t know how it is at your end of the world right now, but it’s getting pretty hot in Croatia. Set aside the weather circumstances, our season opening is rapidly approaching and we’re working in full speed to assure that everything goes smoothly this summer. To conclude, it’s definitely pretty hot in our office, and one thought that keeps us all going is the amount of crazy fun we’ll be having once we start this season.

Here’s a list of six clubs we’ll be visiting during our week of sailing fun:

  1. Hula Hula Hvar Beach Club

In the words of Hula Hula Club, Hula Hula Hvar is a synonym for Hvar’s best beach dance floor that will leave you breathless with its unforgettable sunset views, grooviest music, and amazing people. Speaking from our experience, this is entirely true! To top it all, if we could export sunsets, Hula Hula would be the main factory.


Sailing.HR party in Hula Hula bar.

  1. Kiva Bar Hvar

Kiva Bar has been serving wine since the 1950s, and people have been dancing there since the 1970’s. Decades of catering to party lovers made Kiva Bar into what it is today: a must-see spot for all those who like having fun.

Sailing.HR party in Kiva Bar.

Sailing.HR party in Kiva Bar.

  1. Pink Champagne Hvar

Great quality music, affordable prices, very nice environment and an excellent location are all the good reasons why one should go and party in Pink Champagne. The club is oozing with positive vibrations and summertime madness. This club is always full of party lovers.

  1. Laganini Lounge Bar Palmižana

Laganini Lounge Bar is a pleasant spot designed to let you take it easy for a while, which is something that will come very handy after the wild nights in the other clubs we’re visiting. If you think that this bar is an excuse not to have fun, you’re wrong. This bar promotes another approach to fun: easy and lively. In fact, this is what the word laganini means, taking it easy. You’re bound to hear this word very often during your stay in Croatia.

Laganini bar is ideal for easy lounging in beautiful surroundings, but it can get very steamy with parties!

Laganini bar is ideal for easy lounging in beautiful surroundings, but it can get very steamy with parties!

  1. Imperium Club Split

Located on the top floor of the ferry terminal building in Split, Imperium Club has one of the best views in Split, which is one of the reasons this club is always full. Great music and excellent atmosphere make this vast club, restaurant and a lounge bar with modern, posh interiors another reason to come and dance the night away.

  1. Forte George Vis

Forte George on the island of Vis really used to be a fort, which is something that makes this club exceptionally scenic. This is an open-air multi-purpose event space, which functions excellently as a club, offering a wide range of music acts during the summer months. Its stunning architecture is authentic, and the view from the fort is going to inspire lots of sunset photos.


Fort George is one of the most magical places on the island of Vis. A must-see!

That’s all for now, our dear future sailors and mermaids,

Hope we gave you an enticing overview of just some of the places we’re gonna be sailing to during our week.

Until the next time,

Welcome aboard,

Let’s set sail together.

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