6 Games You Can Play on the Beach

Beach fun

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Beach time is usually the time to be as lazy as you want, but if you’re in the mood for some action, there’s no need to suffer in boredom.  Here’s a list of games you can play on the beach and we guarantee the mood will rise faster than a plate of shrimp cocktails disappears at an office party.


This game needs two teams, each consisting of at least two people. The point of the game is to overpower the opposing team by pulling the rope over to the other side of the field. This game is interesting for girls and boys alike, as soon the contestants will strive to show the other group who’s stronger. This ancient game was played in the Adriatic since the early times, and playing it now nourishes that tradition. Don’t you wanna take out your best muscles and show off who’s got the power!


This game is for the more artistic of you, and it’s entertaining for the contestants and the audience alike. It’s easy to play, all you need is a sandy beach and a free mind with one good idea. You’ll have some time to deliver your idea and make that perfect sand sculpture, and once it’s done, our selected team of judges will value your sculptures based on aesthetic deliverance, idea, technical solutions and general likeness. The winner is the one who impresses the judges the most.


There is no need for real donkeys in the game. The point of the game is to have two players make a donkey, and a third player sit on them. There can be as many contestants as one likes, as long as a donkey is made of three persons. There will be a designated route on which they should be racing. This game is a game of flexibility, strength, endurance and skill and it will be equally hilarious to play and watch it.


  1. LIMBO

A list of beach games that doesn’t include limbo dancing is not a proper list. Bonfire, cool drinks, hot beats and one rod a.k.a. the limbo rod is all it takes to get this party game going.

This popular dance game will be especially interesting for the more flexible of you. However, you don’t need to be an exceptionally great dancer to be good at this game. The goal of the game is to dance underneath the rod with your chest pointed upwards, and not touching the rod. The one who succeeds doing that at the lowest possible point, wins.

This game tends to get steamy hot as dancers strive to get as low as possible, and some of them will fail. This is equally fun to watch and participate.

  1. Bocce Ball

Wine was good enough for the Romans, and so was the game of Bocce Ball, so why not give it a try. This ancient game is a laid back kind of a game, but it takes strategy and some skill to win. What you’ll need is a set of 8 coloured balls, each to a colour, and one smaller ball. You’ll also need a court, but if that’s not at your disposal, open space will do.

HOW TO PLAY: Once you divide yourselves into teams (make sure that there’s no more than 4 persons per team), decide which one of you will go first. You could flip a coin to decide that, that’s the fairest way.

The game starts off with throwing the smallest of balls (jack) to the designated space.  The player who threw out the jack is responsible for throwing out the first bocce ball.

HOW TO WIN: the point is to get your Bocce balls as close to the jack as possible and to collect as many points as possible.


This game will be a hit among the girls, but there’s no one who’s gonna say no to a boy who can really make his hula spin. The rules are easy, grab a hula hoop, and start spinning to the sound of the crowd, we’re gonna cheer and whoever makes their hula spin the longest wins!

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