6 Must-See Stops on our Island Hopping Week

Island hopping in Croatia is the new trend right now. Everyone seems to be buzzing about discovering top party destinations and sailing from one island to the other. Sea, sun, music and friends, relaxation, sightseeing, epic parties, new crushes – sounds like a dream, right?

While experiencing all of the above, we will also be visiting the most beautiful towns and islands on the Adriatic coast.  Hold on tight … here are the destinations of your party sailing Holy Route.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest and oldest one in Dalmatia. Wikipedia says: ”it was founded 2400 years ago as a Greek colony”. We say: ”that seems about right”. 🙂

The first and foremost impressionable attraction in Split is the Diocletian’s Palace, dating back to the 3rd century. Due to its massive size, half of the Palace was used for Emperor’s Diocletians private use, and the other half housed the military garrison.

Fun fact for GoT fans: a lot of Daenerys scenes were filmed in Diocletian’s Palace – her throne room, the dungeon where she locked up her dragons etc.

Split city

Ancient port Split



Milna is a coastal town on the west side of the island of Brač. It is known for its crystal clear waters, perfect conditions for sailing, snorkeling, and fishing. It is an amazing example of balanced baroque urbanism. While Diocletian’s palace was being built, Milna served as a port for Diocletian’s army.

Milna - Osibova uvala

Picture taken from: http://www.tz-milna.hr/hr/multimedija/



Hvar is well known for being a jet-set destination and as a summer clubbing scene in Croatia. It is famous for its traditional production of wines, as much as 50.000 hectoliters produced per year! The wine is pure pleasure, we’ve tried it, so polish your wine glasses. The island has the third oldest theatre in Europe which was built in 1612. Hvar is also very much known as the sunniest island in Croatia with approximately 300 sunny days per year or up to 2718 sunny hours per year.

Even the celebs couldn’t resist the island’s charms, among those who’ve visited are: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Beyonce, David Beckham, Michael Schumacher, Bill Gates, Eva Longoria, Jack Nicholson etc.


Hvar Island



The island of Vis is one of a kind, unexplored and untouched gem. The biggest influence on the island of Vis was its nearly half a century of isolation. It served as a military base and was isolated, cut off from foreign visitors, for 49 years! No one could get on or off the island, and the ban was finally lifted on 1989. That is the main reason it is still considered to be the ”hidden treasure” of the Adriatic not yet discovered by the mainstream mass tourists.  Picture bellow shows the submarine tunnel which was used as a passage back in the day and now as a must-have selfie location.

vis1- 1778x1000

A submarine tunnel on Vis Island

On the island of Vis is also the beach ”Stiniva” – voted the most beautiful European beach in 2016.


Stiniva Beach


Komiža & Blue Cave

Komiža is a small town on the island of Vis. One hundred years ago, a fisherman from Komiža, moved to the USA and started a fish cannery in San Pedro. The fish cannery became the biggest company of its kind in the world later, under the name of StarKist. It is now estimated that there are more people and descendants from Komiža in the United States than there are on Komiža.

Nearby the Island of Vis lays the Blue Cave or the hidden wonder of Croatia… Words cannot the describe the feeling you will experience while in the Blue Cave. The shiny blue glow from the water below lights up the deep sea in the cave while the darkness from rocks above pulls a resistance against the light of the sea. The tranquility you feel in the cave is indescribeable and the memory of this raw diamond will follow you forever.


The interiors of the blue cave


Pakleni islands

Pakleni islands are mostly translated and known as ”Hell’s islands” even though their name origins from the word ”paklina”, a type of pine resin used in ship manufacturing on the islands. The archipelago consists of 11 islands and is located on the southwest coast of Hvar. They are protected monument of nature and a wonderful sight to see.


Pakleni Islands


There it is guys, some short information about the locations we’re sailing to. Now ask yourself this:

Do you ”love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who you’re gonna meet, where you’re gonna wind up”? Well, so did Jack Dawson and he froze to death. #MyHeartWon’tGoOn

Book your vacation with us and we’ll tell you where you will be, what you will see. You will be on the most awesome sailing boat, yelling: ”I am the king/queen of the world”, and you will see the most beautiful towns and islands filled with rich history and fascinating scenery. The ”who-im-gonna-meet” part…well, we’ll let Jack score on this one. But we will tell you this: you will meet lots and lots of fun, interesting people. People who are like you, ready to chill, party and have a good time.


Let us know you’re interested!


See you soon 🙂


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