7 Reasons to Go Sailing to Croatia this Summer

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There are over a thousand islands on the Croatian Adriatic coast. The myriad of islands, spread along the coast with its many hidden bays and secret passages offer excitement for every true sailor, and the possibility of spotting a pod of dolphins make the most phlegmatic people shiver in awe. Croatia’s Mediterranean climate with hot, dry and sunny summers and mild winters make sailing aficionados from all over the globe gasp with excitement about sailing in these areas. If these reasons alone aren’t enough to make a person pack their things and go sailing immediately, we’ve gathered a few more to show that Croatia is indeed a top-notch sailing destination.


The Food

The strong sides of Croatia’s gastronomy is that it is very similar to the Italian cuisine, but it isn’t quite like it. Each island has its own special treat, its own way of preparing local fish, seafood and other delicacies. The local ingredients are extremely rich in taste, which is something most people from abroad immediately notice. The olive trees that grow locally make the most savoury olive oil and the local wines make the truth come out faster than a strict police interrogation (Latin proverb: in vino veritas).


The History

Whoever comes sailing to Croatia quickly realizes what a complex history this area breathes with. Even Before the Slavic nations arrived to the Adriatic in the 11th ct., the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as the Byzantium Empire have all left their cultural marks on the architecture and way of life. History enthusiasts will find a piece of heaven hunting for the ancient ruins and exploring and differentiating the many cultural influences.


The Culture

Today, Croatia is a sovereign democratic country, a member of the European Union and a peaceful home to 4.6 million people. Its coast is a vibrant fusion of urban city culture in places such as Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Dubrovnik, and picturesque rural villages that carry within a spirit of some older times. The combination of scenic passages and modern life makes the coast ooze with a laid-back vibe, characteristic of the Mediterranean countries.


The Nature

Nature is one of Croatia’s strongest assets. The abundance of the rich and varied flora that ornament the islands is noticeable not only by sight, but also in the distinctive scent of herbs and the sea. Each island smells a little different, and that air is beneficial not only because it’s pleasing, but for health reasons as well. There are all kinds of beaches on the Croatian coast and islands, sand and rocky alike.


The Water

According to the Croatian Environment Minister, the Croatian sea is among the cleanest in Europe, and the state is making efforts to keep it that way. The translucency of the sea and the richness of the maritime flora and fauna makes this sea among the most pleasant to swim in, while the blue shades of deeper areas are bound to make a sailor out of anyone.


The Lighthouses

There are hundreds of scenic views with lighthouses all over the coast, some of which are situated on tiny islands not larger than several square meters. These staples of safety are here to remind us that the inhabitants live with and by the sea.



When people sail, everything is a little bit more okay. The relaxing sound of a gentle breeze and the tender waves rocking a boat are natural sedatives, meant to make the most stressed person exhale with contentment. There’s nothing like getting lost between days, in swim-wear all day, chilling and enjoying what nature provided us with.


Hope we got you in the mood for sailing!

Welcome aboard,

Let’s set sail together!

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