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Things We Love about Party Sailing

Our passion for sailing sprung out from the fact that sailing truly invigorates a person’s soul, and it is this love for sailing and nature’s beauty that heals and awakens such zest for life. It is our mission to spread and share the love for sailing in our beautiful homeland, as a country with over a 1000 islands and […]

6 Must-See Stops on our Island Hopping Week

Island hopping in Croatia is the new trend right now. Everyone seems to be buzzing about discovering top party destinations and sailing from one island to the other. Sea, sun, music and friends, relaxation, sightseeing, epic parties, new crushes – sounds like a dream, right? While experiencing all of the above, we will also be […]

How to Ultra Europe Like a Pro

So it’s decided – you’re doing Ultra Europe this year. Yeeeiy, good on you! Have you figured out where you are going to sleep yet? Worry not, we got you! The Ultra Festival brings a lot of boys and girls to the yard (yard = Croatia’s beautiful sun-kissed coast). July is when thousands of globetrotting […]

What is the Best Party Island in Croatia?

Croatia is a well-known destination for partygoers, and there are as much as a 1000 islands on the Croatian coast. It’s nearly impossible to state which island is more beautiful, and which hosts the parties that are 100% worth your time. What is the best party island in Croatia? While each island has plenty to offer, […]

What Should I Wear? A Girl’s Guide to Sailing

We’ve all been there and done that. We’ve packed our shiniest heels and most delicate dresses, only to board the yacht and realize that – these clothes were completely useless for our yachting adventure. In case you’re wondering whether to take them with you or not, consider this: not only will your stylish pumps be […]

The Blonde Gypsy Does Yacht Week Croatia with Sailing.HR

  The Blonde Gypsy went sailing with Sailing.HR and this is what she wrote: “Aside from the spectacular location, the highlight of my week out at sea was Captain Rita – our skipper. A Zadar native, her and her twin sister were practically born on the Adriatic and as a result, knew how to navigate […]