Places We’re Sailing to: Pakleni Islands

pakleni islands

Hello there, fellow mermaids, sailors, seadogs, fans of partying and sailing. In this blog post we’ll be sailing to Pakleni Islands, a small peace paradise on Earth.

The Pakleni or Paklinski islands are situated by the southwest coast off the island of Hvar, Croatia. The original meaning of the name derives from paklina, which means “tar”, and that refers to the pine resin once used to coat ships. Today, the name is popularly translated as Hell’s islands (pakleni: hellish).

The chain of islands is approximately 10 kilometres long, formed of limestone, with a very indented coastline and low pine forest with black pine and Aleppo pine. The highest point on the islands is 94 metres (308 ft). The islands are a popular destination for visitors with smaller boats, especially yachts, providing numerous peaceful coves for diving, underwater fishing, swimming and water sports.

Pakleni islands group consists of Jerolim, Pokonji Dol, Galesnik, Marinkovac, Planikovac, Borovac, Stambedar, Dobri otok, Gojca, Vlaka, Parzanj, Travna, Mali Vodnjak, Veli Vodnjak, the biggest one of them is Saint Klement Island.

pakleni islands

Pakleni Islands are otherworldly special!

Favourite spots on Pakleni islands are : Jerolim island – the nudist island, Stipanska bay – open air party spot situated on Marinkovac islet, Zdrilca – with its restaurants and natural covered bay, Vlaka bay on Saint Klement island – with a restaurant, Vinogradišće bay – south bay with a sandy beach, Cocktail bar and nice restaurants , a favourite spot for yachtsmen on Saint Klement is Palmižana bay with an Marina that has catering facilities – it is situated on the opposite side of Vinogradišće bay.

Pakleni Islands with its many coves is the perfect place for famous people who want to hide from publicity and keep their privacy. The best way to visit Pakleni islands is to take a taxi boat from the Hvar town port to a particular island.

Are you excited to see where we are going to sail next? We know we are!


Welcome aboard,

Let’s set sail together.

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