Places We’re Sailing to: the Island of Hvar

hvar summer 2014

Greetings fellow aficionados of sailing and partying!

The time when we’ll be embarking on our first sailing adventure for this season is rapidly approaching. Summer is already smiling at us, and we can’t wait to host you on our island-hopping joy-ride.

Before you leave, we wanted to give you a quick look at the places we’ll be sailing to. We kick-start in Split, and the first destination is the lovely island of Hvar.

Hvar – the Sunniest Spot in Europe

The island of Hvar is the queen of Croatian islands. Often nicknamed as the sunniest spot in Europe, it has been around ever since the antique times due to its strategically important nautical position. Various historical periods and different ruling cultures have all left a mark on this island, and today, Hvar is as rich of historical sites as  a pomegranate is of arils.

hvar island

Ready for a drill down? The first inhabitants of Hvar were the Neolithic people, who established trading ties with some of the larger Mediterranean cultures. In the 4th ct. BC., the ancient Greeks colonized Hvar, only to be replaced with the Roman Empire less than two centuries after, in 219 BC. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was the Byzantium Empire that took over. The 7th century Hvar saw the settlement of the Slavic tribes, until finally, in the 11th century, the island of Hvar was joined to the Kingdom of Croatia. Pretty lively for an island, right?

The island of Hvar has that little something that made all these different cultures want to leave its trace on it. Its nature is truly breath-taking. The vast fields of lavender, with ancient olive trees and vineyards, clear blue sea and lovely beaches are all well preserved. Gastronomically speaking, Hvar is a true treat. The wine and olives that are being produced on the island taste better than you could imagine, so once we get on Hvar, be prepared to have your senses spoiled. You’re up for a multi-sensual treat.

We’ll be setting sail soon,

Welcome aboard,

Let’s set sail together.

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