Island of Mystery

Of all the Croatian islands, Vis has got that most mysterious vibe to it. Due to its many years as a designated no-go military area for foreigners in Communist Yugoslavia, the island has largely remained untouched and is an absolute tourism gem with pristine beaches and laid back bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect chillax destination.

The rugged coast around the island is dotted with gorgeous hidden coves, caves and some of the best beaches in Croatia. Stončica, Stiniva and Srebena are our favourites. Its namesake Capital is our first stop.

Vis town stretches along a wide bay with two centres, the commercial harbour area Luka and the more restaurant and night time activity area Kut. During the day, Vis Town is relatively quiet with restaurants opening in the late afternoon and night life lovers descending from their yachts, swarming the bars and clubs.