DJ Talks: SailingHR’s Resident Charlie Paddock Expects a Majestic Summer!

Returning to grace us with his delicate taste for hot tunes yet another summer, UK-based Charlie Paddock will be DJing on the private bay parties in Croatia during the week 28 (July 8 – 15). We’re stoked! When Charlie gets his groove on, there’s no missing out, and you’re gonna party like it’s seven days of Saturdays.

We had a chat with Charlie to discuss his experiences from previous years as well as what he expects from 2017 Sailing.HR season.

Q1Tell us a bit about the experience you had previous years playing with Sailing.HR?

Charlie Paddock: My first contact with Sailing HR was in April 2014 and I was thrilled to be chosen as one of their resident DJ’s in the Summer. My experience in that first year was unforgettable. Flying out to Croatia for a non-stop 7-day party in the most beautiful islands off the coast of Split was an exciting thought, and it certainly delivered to expectations! Imagine awesome friendly people; a new island to explore most days; constant sunshine and sailing; brilliant booze and food; and of course fantastic music for every mood! The highlight of my week was undoubtedly DJing in Fort George on the island of Vis, an old 18th Century English fortress transformed into a modern nightclub!

Q2: Love Fort George, its stylish and atmospheric vibe and unforgettable parties. What can your audience expect this year?

Charlie Paddock: My audience can expect an eclectic mix of tunes, expect the unexpected and a wide range of genres to suit everyone! I’ll be switching from House to RnB and Mainstream Pop to Old School Disco to keep everyone’s feet moving. I look forward to dropping some secret Sailing HR exclusives as well and all will be revealed on the Yachts…

DJing for the entire yacht circle raft!

Q3: Exciting and we can’t wait to have you over this year. Are you looking forward to playing in Croatia again this year?

Charlie Paddock: This will be my 3rd year DJing with Sailing HR and I’m hoping it’s going to be the best yet! I can’t wait to get out to Croatia and I’m honing my skills in England to make sure I bring the best party imaginable!

That’s all we wanted to hear. Looking forward to the summer season more than ever, there’s only three months to go to open our first yacht week.

Have a taste of Charlie’s magic below. Enjoy and think about the summer!

For more of Charlie’s tunes and mixes, find him on Soundcloud here.


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