Things We Love about Party Sailing

Our passion for sailing sprung out from the fact that sailing truly invigorates a person’s soul, and it is this love for sailing and nature’s beauty that heals and awakens such zest for life. It is our mission to spread and share the love for sailing in our beautiful homeland, as a country with over a 1000 islands and the cleanest sea in Europe needs to be sailed, don’t you think?

Our party sailing weeks occur in the peak of the summer season, in July and August, when Croatia is full of life, summer events and festivals. It is the best time of the year, after all.

Here’s what you’ll love about party sailing with SailingHR.

  1. The sea – the best playing field you can come across with. Deep, blue and clear waters of Croatia are something everyone should see in their lifetime. Bonus – no sharks 🙂
  1. Exploring – while partying we will be visiting six different destinations in the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Read 6 Must-See Stops on our Island Hopping Week post that will show you the best gems you will visit and will have an opportunity to see. Hidden bays are waiting for you!

    Everything is better shared – it doubles the fun!

  1. Experience of a lifetime – how many people go on a party sailing vacation with a bunch of people from all around the world? Well, not that many. But you can be one of those people. Feeling the warm sun on your skin, salt in the air and wind in your hair. It truly is an amazing experience you will never forget.
  1. New skills – while sailing with professional skippers you will get a chance to learn how to sail. People learn new things throughout their entire lives and sailing can be a new skill you learn during the summer of 2017. Afterward, you will have some interesting stories to tell.
  1. Flotilla sailing – flotilla sailing, for those who do not know, is a group of sailboats sailing together and in this case, partying together in the middle of the sea as well. Hop on board!
  1. Relaxation – sea is known as ”the best remedy” in Croatia. It will heal you from the stress of your everyday life, bring calmness and serenity and recharge your batteries for new adventures ahead.
  1. Meeting new people – As on any trip you take, you will meet new people. But here, you will be cabin to cabin, boat to boat neighbors. You will sail together in the open sea, sitting on the deck and looking at the beautiful sunset. At those times, sparks fly you know 😉

There you have it, folks, those are some of the reasons we love party sailing and think it is a MUST experience in anyone life. Prepare your swimsuits, sunglasses and sun lotions, and let us take care of the rest.

You can rent a cabin or a whole yacht for you and your friends. We think you will fall in love with party sailing even more than us!

Don’t be shy, send us an inquiry!

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