The Travelettes Do Yacht Week Croatia with Sailing.HR

The Travellettes have been sailing with Sailing.HR and here’s what they said:

“You will fall madly in love with so many things…

With Croatia. With the sea. With the sky. With the fifty shades of blue.

With the quaint fishing towns. With their narrow alleyways. With the taste of freshly caught seafood.

With swimming in the ocean every day. With the way sea water pulls your skin tight. With the feeling of the boat rocking you to sleep (yes, really!).

With the way the boat can tackle five metre waves. With the way you can stare at the horizon for hours and lose yourself in your own thoughts.

With the Croatian people who are friendly, welcoming and accommodating, despite a constant flow of tourists to their towns in the summer months.

With the way a warm shower after two days at sea is the BEST FEELING in the world.

With how good it feels to jump in the sea again and again and again and again, as though you’re suddenly five years old again.

With the small specks of salt glitter the sea’s spray leaves on your sun-kissed skin.

With the way you can see fish swimming all around you in water so clear you can see ten metres deep.

With the way sailing makes you feel; free, wild and at peace with the world.

At least, that’s how it was for us….”

The Travelettes with Sailing.HR. It was a pleasure to have their smiling faces over!

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