How to Ultra Europe Like a Pro

Ultra Europe

So it’s decided – you’re doing Ultra Europe this year. Yeeeiy, good on you! Have you figured out where you are going to sleep yet? Worry not, we got you!

The Ultra Festival brings a lot of boys and girls to the yard (yard = Croatia’s beautiful sun-kissed coast). July is when thousands of globetrotting festival goers swarm Split for the annual rave on the Croatian coast. Everyone is looking for an extra place to sleep, ticket, what not. It’s no secret that during the Ultra Europe, which is hosted in Split, an extra 70 000 people look for a place to sleep. Split is a busy tourist hub to start with, and during the festival, it’s full to its absolute capacity. The lodging price skyrocket during and after the festival and you should pay special attention not to get the shorter end of the stick. We all know what happens when need supersedes the offer.

ancient Split

Split by night. Hard not to fall in love at first sight!

When Ultra Europe Closes its Gates

Camping is always an option, and during the Ultra days, who needs sleep anyway. You do, however, need to have a place you call home for the few days you’ll be spending in Split. And if you’re in town for the festival only, you better make sure you seize the time you have and save a few days for exploring the Adriatic coast. When the party’s over and Ultra closes its gates, how cool would it be to just continue the great vibes on a yacht while sailing in the Split archipelago?

Come over to my yacht

If you’re looking for ways to combine the Ultra festival with sailing and discovering the islands of Brač, Hvar and Vis, you’ve come to the right place. You can dance your worries away on the festival AND see and explore the stunning Split archipelago. Talking about plenty of memories to make and selfies to take! Party sailing and island hopping is what we do well and gladly share the know-how with you. When there’s a will, there’s always a way!

the Green Cave

Don’t miss out on gorgeous sights in the Split archipelago!

Ultra and Sail, Party and Explore

There are two sailing weeks to choose from; Sail 2 Ultra (July 15th – 22nd) and Sail from Ultra (July 8th – 15th). If you decide to come earlier and sail your way into Ultra, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a very friendly package for cabin bookers. If you book the all-inclusive cabin for two during the Sail 2 Ultra week, you’ll enjoy a free Ultra opening night Friday VIP ticket included in their price. That means you get to sail, party and relax for the whole week leading to the Ultra festival.

You can also decide to focus on Ultra as you arrive, and continue the parties on yachts as we sail to the official after-parties in our flotilla. That’s the Sail From Ultra week – the week in which you get the most out of the Ultra days.

In essence – party on Ultra and sleep on yachts concept is alive and well and we think you deserve it. Don’t you? ?

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