What Should I Wear? A Girl’s Guide to Sailing

We’ve all been there and done that.

We’ve packed our shiniest heels and most delicate dresses, only to board the yacht and realize that – these clothes were completely useless for our yachting adventure. In case you’re wondering whether to take them with you or not, consider this: not only will your stylish pumps be utterly destroyed by the sea and wind, but you’ll also find it very hard to move on the wet and slippery surfaces. Even Beyoncé and Rihanna, who’re dolled up all the time, ditch the heels when they’re on board.

Is there a way to look like a million dollars without heels and chiffon?

Well, sure there is, you’ll be on a yacht, for starters.

The clothes you’re going to wear most are all kinds of shorts, shirts, skirts and sundresses, and when it comes to the footwear, your safest bet is to look for slip-resistant soles. Bring along flip-flops, light sneakers and some nice flat sandals, if you wish. Most of the time, you’ll be barefoot anyways. The weather is most likely going to be wonderful, however, bring a sweater and a windbreaker, just in case we run into rainy weather. Storms don’t happen that often in Croatia, since the Adriatic sea is quite small, but you never know what awaits you, so better to be safe than sorry.

Yachts: what selfies were made for. These girls are having so much fun they forgot about not having heels on!

Yachts: what selfies were made for. These girls are having so much fun they forgot about not having any heels on!

When you pack, make sure to bring soft bags, as you’ll appreciate them when you’ll be boarding the yacht and hopping in and out the boat all the time on our island-hopping adventure. The storing spaces on the yachts are limited, so soft bags are ideal. In case you’re bringing along lots of personal belongings in a suitcase, you can always lock them in the marina to keep them safe and carry on sailing and party-yachting without a worry.

A sunhat is what you’ll need for chilling on the deck, as well as sunglasses to complete your yacht babe look. Apart from that, when you sail, everything is okay. You’ll be in your swimsuits most of the time, so make sure you bring enough of them. Sun cream is an absolute must, we all need to take care of our skin!

Soon we’ll set sail, welcome aboard!

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