What to Pack when you’re Going Sailing: the Essential Checklist

Party sailing is on!

We know you’re excited and anxious to start packing already, ’cause let’s face it, packing for sailing is the best kind of packing there is! And believe us, so are we (excited). Since we’ve had a few years of watching our sailing peeps remember and forget various crucial items, we’ve assembled this essential checklist for going sailing. Ready?

Somewhere between Hvar and Brac islands. Heaven!

You will need:

– Wind jacket

– Towels

– Deck shoes or sneakers – ‘cause you gotta be safe on board

– Flip-flops – ’cause they’re light and handy

– Bikini, monokini, mankini, burkini, whatever rocks your boat-kini

– Sun-lotion – to keep moisturised

– Extra dry clothes – in case you’d get wet all over

– Sun-glasses – ‘cause it’ll make you look cool – and you’ll need them

– Yoga pants – in case you like moving around on board

– Passport, currency, cash – ’cause that’s essential

– Phone – to stay in touch

– Camera – to snap pretty pictures

– Music – because you gotta bring your vibe in case you wanna hear your fave song

– Aloe Vera creams and lotions – to protect your delicate skin from the strong sun

– Advil – our medical staff will provide these, but just in case you wanna have it hand

– Games – such as playing cards, but not Jenga, as it might get shaky on the yachts.

– Toiletries – including shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and all that.


WHAT NOT TO BRING: Don’t bring anything valuable as you might lose it (unless you wanna do something symbolic and drop your ex-engagement ring in the sea). Also, best not to bring anything fragile – cause at times there might be a storm, or you’ll be partying hard and everything will turn into mayhem!

Do bring: a flag of your country (if you wish), as we’ll have guests from 40 different countries and many of them will bring their own flags. The more the merrier!


Most importantly, bring your sweet self and we’ll take care of the good vibes!

See you soon,

Let’s set sail together!

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